Monday, January 16, 2012

Where Y'at Review

WHERE Y’AT? Nov. 2011

Olga Whatever You Want 219records
New Orleans-based blues singer Olga is back with an album that seems anything but the genre she usually sings. Teaming up with North Mississippi Allstars drummer Cody Dickinson, the duo has crafted a purely pop album that fits more with contemporary adult listening, teeming with smoothly produced guitar licks and melodic, slight bass.
Often compared to Bonnie Raitt in vocal stylings, the comparison proves even more apt with Whatever You Want, as the album is eerily reminiscent of Raitt’s early ‘90s work. Though not necessarily musically revolutionary, as far as a commercially successful album goes, Olga and Dickinson are solid gold in their partnership, with songs like the title track and “Better in Some Way” creating a sweet soundscape of layered harmonies and driving drums. Those wanting a truly bluesy Olga may have to wait but Whatever You Want makes for some easy listening in the meantime.—April Siese

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