Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday 2nd Line!

Yesterday was a bit of a surprise, yet fun none-the-less! I was scheduled to play an art market in the Bywater and did for a couple of hours. During the market, people had brought their dogs, and the SPCA was also there trying to adopt some as well, so I think people were highly distracted and occupied by the dogs, as after playing for two hours, I only made $2! At that, I decided I had enough, and since it was my Birthday weekend and all, I wanted to go get a mint julep at the one bar I know makes them in the classic style: Tujac's!

While in there, I met the grand marshall and several members of the Downtown Irish Club. Apparently, they were staging their meeting and what would soon be a second line into the quarter, celebrating the half way date to March 17th! If you know NOLA, then you know that St. Patrick's Day here is off the charts and a huge deal. So much so, that they were celebrating the half way mark. Now you get the picture!

It being my birthday and all, the invited me to join and blabbed to everyone that is was my 29th birthday, to which I could only laugh! Yeah, I'll do 29 again, no problem! Before I knew it, I was in a 2nd line parading to various irish bars in the quarter. We had a police escort and brass band, a Grand Marshall and a Queen to boot, and I was shortly covered in Mardi Gras beads. Had I known all this, I would have brought mine to throw for people. By the end of the afternoon, I was dancing in front with the Queen demonstrating how one leads a second line, ya'll. We had a blast! Great way to celebrate.

Today is my actual birthday, so hope to have more imprompteaux fun today! Maybe the Zoo, a haunted house and...?