Friday, January 09, 2009

Can't Sleep

All week, I have really not been able to sleep much. It's not like I'm not tired, because I am, I just can't sleep. I took a Melatonin and ended up not falling asleep either. When I finally did, I awoke to swollen eyelids. Turns out I had some sort of congestion in my eyes instead of my nose. Strange, huh? I have learned that as you age, your body starts to do unexplainable's something new all the time. The only thing I like about getting older, is that emotionally and mentally, I am wiser and able to handle many more things in a more responsible and mature way. I was always mature for my age, even as a young girl, but I really am only just starting to know, and even then, it is still something new all the time...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Man, got to love Youtube!

Friday, January 02, 2009


Things to do this weekend which I am procrastinating for a bit longer:

go to home depot and get supplies
clean and prepare walls of 3rd floor apartment for painting
paint the third floor apartment
unpack and clean the basement

Once I start rolling it will be easier, but it's the move on that is the hard part!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

She's baaaack!

She's baaaaack! After many moths of not blogging, because the experiences I was having were really too personal to talk about in cyberspace, I decided to start anew in '09 and make blogging a priority. Actually, I read a lot of blogs almost everyday, mostly political and some gossip ones (I know, lame,but it's like sugary candy though).

Let's see...last night I was probably the only person voluntarily staying in instead of pAArtying. Why? Well, I just got home late the night before and have been on the move most of the month and just, well, felt like staying in and waking up without a hangover for one New Years Day. I have done that a time or two before, but that was because I would get up early and go skiing instead. This morning however, even though I stayed in, I could hardly wake up and fumbled around reading blogs and drinking coffee for a couple hours. But my day started to get a move on and I did a bunch of things around the house. I, we actually, have a lot of unpacking and organizing still left to do from moving (the last U-haul from Memphis was 12 Days ago) and also from December travels. The house was in quite a disarray not to mention the basement. So, I got a move on that today and plan on painting the 3rd floor apartment and finishing that up this weekend.

January 10th is Twelfth Night for us. The Krewe of Muses is having a big party and that's when I'll put out my Mardi Gras decorations. I am very excited about Mardi Gras I am a total freak about it if you couldn't tell already.

And I also am continuing work on my album which is really starting to shape up nicely. Lot's more to do on it and more songs, but it's coming and it will be the best of my efforts. As I had previously mentioned, my good friend Cody has been a huge rock for me during this process and really invaluable. Many people do not know what all he can do aside from amazing drumming for the Allstars, but they are about to find out really soon and they will be agape with awe! And that's no joke. My friend Winn has also been a great help in this process. He is a pro-tools engineering whiz and also a top musician whom I have been learning about in recent months as well. I think all three of us have been doing something outside-the-box this time around and it feels great!

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