Monday, November 10, 2008

New Tracks in Progress

Hey y'all

A couple of months ago, I posted two new songs on myspace that had only drums and guitar (Cody Dickinson and myself) on myspace just for fun. I now uploaded newer versions of those songs, still unfinished, but you will get to hear how things are shaping up for my new album. We had a jam-packed three days in the studio this past weekend, and made a lot of progress. I will say, that the new album will sound nothing at all like what I have put out before, expect for maybe my voice. If you are hoping for more blues you will be disappointed as there is no blues on this record. Some of you will love it, others will hate it, but it is what it is and will be.

However, I will point out and maybe some of you will catch it, that my songs are usually based on classic R & B structure or old school blues, especially from north MS. That part is still there and always will be, as that is what I have been around and absorbed for years. However, I'd like to be able to produce it as such that more people can get into it and understand the messages I am trying to convey. A lot can be changed with the drums and instruments added. In fact as many of you probably know, most of the music on the radio comes from blues and old school R & B, it's just evolved over the years.

So, enough artist talk. The musicians on these two tracks so far are:

Little Is Known

Cody - drums, synth
Jimbo Mathus - guitar
Justin Showah - bass

and WInn McElroy engineering booth of these...

Nothin' More to Say

Cody - drums, synth
Jimbo - guitar
WInn - bass

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