Friday, May 02, 2008

The Three Olgas

So this little story happened quite some years ago...I am going to say maybe even 10 years ago (s*** I am getting old!) and it is a true tale.

One day, I was sitting in the doctors office waiting for my appointment for a physical, which I usually do once a year. To no surprise, I was waiting a while and my designated appointment time came and went. In the waiting room sat two other women; one was hispanic maybe in her 40's and the other was a white eastern-european type in her late 60's. We were all reading and waiting on this day.

At last the exam room door opened and the nurse popped out, and knowing that she was behind schedule, she hurriedly looked at the name on the folder she carried and called, "Olga?". I, having grown up as "Olga", and as the only "Olga" ever at school, after school, sports, work, friends and whatever else you do in daily life, stood up and dropped my magazine on the coffee table. Alas, to my astonishment, the other two women stood up as well, thinking they were the "Olga" that was being called! We all looked at each other so astounded and curious with a "is your name Olga too?" look in our eyes, that even the nurse was taken aback. The nurse regained composure and looked down at the folder again, "Garcia, Olga Garcia". At that, I and the remaining other Olga, sat back down in our chairs half smiling half amazed.

"Wow," I said to Olga, "that was weird. I have never met so many Olgas before."

"Yes, " laughed Olga, "that has never happened to me either."

And so it went.