Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rain and Muses

It's raining in New Orleans. But I would have known that, as my ear started ringing two days before. It's a not-so-new phenomenon for me, really. When I was 13-14 years of age, I went through an entire year of ear ringing that would occur prior to some sort of rain storm. Nowadays, one can explain it as something that has to do with air pressure and allergies...and all that time I thought I had a special gift!

New Orleans is gearing up for the big Mardi Gras celebration (2/5) coming early this year. It's convenient decorating-wise, as people can reuse their christmas tree but decorating them with gold, green and purple accoutrements. It is a lovely sight and one I wish we could participate in, but since we had no christmas tree this year, we also have no mardi gras tree...(sigh). However, I do have mu Muses flag lying from the window to let everyone know that there is a Muse in the house and accounted for. This is a fun time, as all krewe members hang their flags up all over town.

We had the big Muses weekend this past Saturday/Sunday. It is important because it is when we pick up all our goods we plan to throw and get to see the floats. It is also a handy time to find out your position and figure out what all you need, like hooks, cup holders, chairs, etc.. I found out that I am on float 5 passenger side, last person. It is a good spot indeed, as I have plenty of room to move around and house all my beads (and I have a TON of STUFF). The float has two layers, with the first floor having, what I would call, a raised platform on each end of the float. This is where I stand, so I am not under anything and not too high up where I have to watch for tree limbs smacking me in the head. We will have costumes and headdresses, so this position is especially helpful, because knowing me, I'd be running into limbs, roofs and whatever else all night long.

I met a few of the girls the other day at float-viewing and they plan on bringing chairs. They had ridden before and were a wealth of info for me on what to expect. Again, out spot allows for chairs, and since the ride can last 3 hours or more, there may be a need for some rest. Frankly, I'll probaly be too excited to sit, but you never know... And in case you were wondering, we have three bathrooms on the float. Obviously, this is very important.

We are having a float 5 brunch before the parade and a Muses pre-party. In addition, there are a few float meetings and I am really really really excited!

In case you don't know, we roll January 31st at 7pm. If you want me to throw you something, make a sign so I can see you!