Thursday, January 31, 2008

We Ride!

Krewe of Muses rolls tonight!

Forecast calls for rain, but at the moment the sun is coming out. Perhaps the Goddesses above are pushing the clouds away so we can parade without bad weather. I'd like to think so. I and the other ladies have a long day ahead. Brunch at noon, pre-party at 2:30, float boarding at 5, line up at 6 and roll at 7. Then we have an after party with entertainment by The Village People. Take a guess what out theme is!

I loaded my extra beads last night, and let me tell you, I have TON OF SH**! My god, there is so much stuff, I am not sure I will be able to throw it all. The float is loaded down pretty good with everyone's stuff. If you can imagine 28 floats loaded similarly, it is no wonder we have the reputation of throwing the most. I am going to post out theme song for the parade, sung to "I Will Survive". It's pretty funny:

It’s Muses Night 2008

Once we were naive
It was our first time
Not doing Mardi Gras the right way
Would have been such a crime
But we had spent so many nights
watching men’s krewes masquerade,
we were afraid
And now we have the best parade!
And so we’re back
For number eight!
We hate to brag about ourselves
But Gambit readers say we’re great
We have even better throws
Tonight should be a stress reliever
The crowds should all be ready for a case of
Disco Muses Night Fever

Go on now – GO, Get on that mask
Hook your harness girl, And be sure to hide that flask.
We’ve spent another year of nights waiting for this one to arrive
Tonight we ride!
COLD or FLOOD, we will survive!
Oh yeah oh…
It’s Muses’ night
As long as you know how to throw you’ll do the Muses right!
‘Cause we know we will delight
And we’re lookin’ out-a-site!
It’s Muses’ night
It’s Muses’ night

It took all the strength we had
Not to fall apart
And each Mardi Gras is mending
some more broken hearts
We’re Disco Muses now
and it’s time to get it on
We took a chance
And we’ll make the whole crowd dance
And they’ll see us –
the Muses krewe
With all our disco Muses riding
And Marva in the shoe
We thought it couldn’t get much better
And the crowds will sure agree
Once they’ve gotten Muses Fever
It’s the best parade they’ll see

Go on now – GO, Get on that mask
Hook your harness girl, And be sure to hide that flask.
We’ve spent another year of nights waiting for this one to arrive
Tonight we ride!
STORM or FLOOD, we will survive!
Oh yeah oh…
It’s Muses’ night
As long as you know how to throw you’ll do the Muses right!
‘Cause we know we will delight
And we’re lookin’ out-a-site!
It’s Muses’ night
It’s Muses’ night
Hey Hey

Friday, January 25, 2008

Whack it!

It's been raining pretty much all week and I've still had this lingering sinus/ear infection/congestion that keeps giving. It's sort of become my own personal whack-a-mole in my head. Every morning I arise and do battle with it (whack with decongestants! whack with antihistamines! whack with antibiotics! whack with emergen-C! etc.). And now, on the eve of parade season, it's still hanging on. I guess it to wants to ride Muses too, and for free (imagine the nerve of that??). SO with any pure luck and divine intervention, it will have gone away before next Wednesday night. Otherwise, I guess I will have to make friends with it somehow...(sigh).

Okay, well today it begins! Tonight the first parades roll down St. Charles Avenue. I have been shut-in all week, so I am going to get my ass out to have some fun, rain or no rain. YES! They are going to roll, no matter what the weather.

The past week especially, I have had several marching bands practice on our street, marching up and down and getting their routine/walk right. It was endearing, really. This morning it was a group of middle schoolers, who I think may be marching tonight. Well, I can hear the siren's announcing the arrival of floats lining up on Tchoup, so I guess I'll go figure out my game plan. YES!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Neti Pot

Neti Pot. Do you know what that is? Well, it freaked me out at first, just the idea of it...but I broke down and bought one for the sake of my frickin' sinuses which are driving me insane! I have been having allergy crap related sinus boofungoo for way too long I thought I would burst from the pressure. The latest rage (even Oprah had it on her show) is the Neti Pot, where you rinse your sinuses out with saline/salt water. It sort of feels like when you jump into a swimming pool and get water up your nose...not too comfortable, I admit. Plus my nostrils are larger than the spout, so there tends to be flushing every witch way. I realize it sounds gross, but after the 5th time now, I am beginning to feel a little better and getting better at doing it.

If you do a google, you will find several youtube instruction videos on "how to". It really looks ridiculous, and I usually am laughing at myself in the mirror (I find a mirror helps me to figure out what I am doing), but if you have allergies and sinus issues, you may want to try it. If I end up with some sort of miracle recovery, you will hear me taking about the Neti Pot every which way!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rain and Muses

It's raining in New Orleans. But I would have known that, as my ear started ringing two days before. It's a not-so-new phenomenon for me, really. When I was 13-14 years of age, I went through an entire year of ear ringing that would occur prior to some sort of rain storm. Nowadays, one can explain it as something that has to do with air pressure and allergies...and all that time I thought I had a special gift!

New Orleans is gearing up for the big Mardi Gras celebration (2/5) coming early this year. It's convenient decorating-wise, as people can reuse their christmas tree but decorating them with gold, green and purple accoutrements. It is a lovely sight and one I wish we could participate in, but since we had no christmas tree this year, we also have no mardi gras tree...(sigh). However, I do have mu Muses flag lying from the window to let everyone know that there is a Muse in the house and accounted for. This is a fun time, as all krewe members hang their flags up all over town.

We had the big Muses weekend this past Saturday/Sunday. It is important because it is when we pick up all our goods we plan to throw and get to see the floats. It is also a handy time to find out your position and figure out what all you need, like hooks, cup holders, chairs, etc.. I found out that I am on float 5 passenger side, last person. It is a good spot indeed, as I have plenty of room to move around and house all my beads (and I have a TON of STUFF). The float has two layers, with the first floor having, what I would call, a raised platform on each end of the float. This is where I stand, so I am not under anything and not too high up where I have to watch for tree limbs smacking me in the head. We will have costumes and headdresses, so this position is especially helpful, because knowing me, I'd be running into limbs, roofs and whatever else all night long.

I met a few of the girls the other day at float-viewing and they plan on bringing chairs. They had ridden before and were a wealth of info for me on what to expect. Again, out spot allows for chairs, and since the ride can last 3 hours or more, there may be a need for some rest. Frankly, I'll probaly be too excited to sit, but you never know... And in case you were wondering, we have three bathrooms on the float. Obviously, this is very important.

We are having a float 5 brunch before the parade and a Muses pre-party. In addition, there are a few float meetings and I am really really really excited!

In case you don't know, we roll January 31st at 7pm. If you want me to throw you something, make a sign so I can see you!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Day 6

Days 31, 1, 2, and 3 were good. Days 4 & 5 were a bit sloppier (especially the night of 4). Day 5 and so far 6 are back on. Today is football, so it's gonna be a good one!

I never really cared about a new year starting. It meant I had to reprogram my brain to write the next year, which oft would result in checks and other legal documents I had to rewrite. It also meant a cold winter and holiday blues.

This year is so very different for me. I don't care to be a year older this year, but I was looking forward to having a fresh start. It is the first time since I don't know when, that I really want the clean slate in my life. This year will hold some big changes for me, most especially letting go of old feelings and behavior pattern that I truly have no more use for. It's just different. I am so very thankful of so many things.