Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall Short

It seems like Fall is the shortest season of them all. I've noticed that over the years, or perhaps it is just where I live, but Fall seems to be cut short every year by a sudden cold snap/jolt into Winter.

When I lived in the mountains, this was quite apparant with the sudden appearance of snow, often in the form of a snow storm. The snow storm would drop a few feet in early October, therby cutting off the rest of Fall, because, naturally, after a snow storm, the leaves would fall off the trees without changing their colors to their fullest capacity and the temperature would never climb back up to a pleasant Fall temp of around 70.

When I lived in SF, the Fall would be cut short by the cold damp temperatures and fog, which would often prevent one from seeing or enjoying any Fall activities (who can see through that fog?). The only locale where I lived that had a bit longer of a change over, was in New Orleans. Often the climate would stay at 70 - 80 degrees, and there are a lot of flora and fauna in NOLA, hence a lot of activity with the business of Fall's arrival. The only thing though, is that the weather would be so pleasant, that many tress opted not to change their leaves at all and many birds stuck around cause things were so...nice. And that was actually the best form of Fall I have experienced yet, even thought there really was none...it certainly made for a good Halloween.

Now in Memphis, it's just a one-day-it's-totally-over thing. We have had really nice weather the last few weeks, even hot and muggy, and then one day it freakin' cold man, and we have to turn on our heaters and the trees dump their leaves like in one day, without any sort of color changing. The birds are suddenly gone and the grabage men get lazy and don't pick everything up, beacuse it's, well, wet and cold and who the hell wants to be outside working in the rain?

So inclosing, I have felt that Fall has been the most cheated of all the seasons of really reaching it's fullest Fall capacity. And the reason I talk about it today, is because it's happened again!