Saturday, June 16, 2007

Do As The Romans Do

Okay, I FINALLY get it. Or I will get it. Because I will FINALLY be visitng Rome after all these years and trips to Italy, I had never ventured farther down the boot after Pisa. And lately, both Jimbo and I have been reading and viewing a lot of Roman stuff. We recently watched BBC's "I, Claudius"...excellent production BTW. Also been reading Claudius' book, "Claudius the God". Then there is the HBO version of the rise and fall of Julius Caeser, which I was already aquianted with, having performed in Shakespeare's "Julius Caeser" as Cassisus and the tender age of 11. I have been reading up on Roman history so as to be in the know of what to check out when I go. Now, for some people the Vatican would be the first stop. In my case, I am heading straight to the Forum. I am just so facinated with old stuff and ruins. I like to imagine what is was like and how I would live my life then.
According the the most recent book I finished, Deepak Chopra's "Life After Death", I could have very well been alive several times before. Would that explain my love for beautiful things, opera and espresso?

I head over now for a mini tour in Italy, perfomring at a few festivals, one in Rome. Glad to have some days off in the Eternal City as well. This week, I have been listening to "In Flight Italian", working on some key phrases like, "La liste de vino, perfavore" and "uno bottiglia di whiskey". Now, I must finish my cappucchino and start packing. A piu tardi!