Friday, March 09, 2007


I've been up since 5. Another night of insomnia. I think I get one decent night's sleep a week. Maybe it's the wine. HA!

It usualy is my mind. I do quite a bit of yoga to try and tame it, but it seems to be the most challenging, more challenging than standing on my head or warrior 3. I keep thinking things will get easier and settle down, but the reality is, the more you do, the more challenges you are faced with... almost as if God keeps putting them out there for you, harder, higher, farther away...I do not know or understand why, I just know that I have to keep going.

This week, we finished the lobby of the studio for the JMH Foundation. It was a real relief for me. There are still details to do, but overall, it's ready to see. But the reprieve is only momentary, as next I must rework the foundation website, create goals and language for visitors to understand what we are trying to do, among other things. I didn't set out to do this, but it is what evolved out of my time in north MS and with Jessie Mae. Now that she is gone, it seems more important to continue...I just am overwhelmed sometimes. Maybe that's also God's way of saying, "take a break, take a nothing for a minute and collect yourself". It's like hiking and getting to the top only to find you are staring at an entire mountain range that goes on for miles and miles...well, it's a good thing that I like to hike! As long as I have sunscreen and a bottle of water!