Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blues Cruise

Well, we are off next week onto a boat full of blues people to the carribean. I am quite excited because neither Jimbo nor I have ever been on a cruise before, and certainly never to the virgin islands. The only thing that concerns me some is this whole "charge card" thing on the boat, that everything is overly priced and must be purchased. That pretty much tossed my plan to pack my own mini-bar for the trip, which sucks. But we will try and not rack up too much...yeah right!

I was talking to my friend Necha last night, and she and her husband have been on a few cruises for the Jamband Cruise. She said they had racked up a 500 dollar bar bill on the last one (about a week ago)! Well for a week, I guess that's not too bad...haha! Anyhow, I'm sure well have fun. Now all we have to do is pack!! It's raining in Memphis today.