Monday, November 27, 2006

String of thoughts and where they go...

Don't know really how this popped up in my mind, but I was just on hold now with my bank, and they were playing a Mozart piece as the hold music. After I hung up, the melody lingered in my mind and I thought "how nice to have that as hold music...much better than being on hold with United Airlines and having that annoyingly redundant UA theme playing." Then I thought "well they use their theme so that they don't have to pay royalties...." THEN I thought, "wait a minute, who pays Mozart HIS royaties? More importantly, where do they go? Who gets it? Does he have any relatives? I mean the guy is 250 years old and died in poverty, buried in an unmarked DO they track these things down? Is he with ASCAP or BMI? Or is he just a special case? And further, what about Schubert, Brahams, Chopin, Hayden and Beethoven and all the other guys? Do they have living relatives? If so, where are they and do they have a myspace page??"

Anyhow, a rather long string of thoughts that I have no answer for, only speculations and provocations for further inquiries this early morning...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Studio News, JMH Foundation

The studio is open and already recorded two bands: Bakealite 78's and now Sugarfarm last week. We still have finishing touches to do, namely the lobby, office and breakroom. I feel really blessed, as the Alan Lomax archive granted the JMH Foundation rights to use photos in their archive, which will be hung in the studio lobby. The photos can also be used to promote the JMH Foundation. In addition, we discussed using some of the field recordings to make a new compilation CD to benefit the foundation. I consider this one of the highest honors, and thank Anna Lomax Wood and archive director Don Fleming for their graciousness and support.

In addition to lomax photos, we will have some incredible artwork from an artist from Sante Fe, Sharon McConnell ( who is giving on permanent loan to the foundation, several of her face masks, which include Jessie Mae Hemphill, RL Burnside, Othar Turner and T Model Ford. Sharon is also a dear firend of mine. She loved Como so much that she is moving from Sante Fe to be part of the north MS experience, and I am seriously happy to hear about it!

Long time friends of the hill country, Yancey Allison and Bill Steber will also donate some of their wonderful prints to showcase our local musicmakers and life in and around Como, MS. All in all, this will be an impressive lobby to say the least! I hope and plan to eventually create a musem downtown for the JMHF at some point, to house the archive.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony in January, date still to be set. A press release will come out shortly. See you in MS!!

Delta Recording Service
PO Box 12
Como, MS 38619

Jessie Mae Hemphill Foundation
(same address)