Monday, October 23, 2006


Yes, indeed, we are still hammering, drilling, gluing, moving, painting, flooring, sanding, carpeting, sheetrocking, sweeping, door-ing (is that a real term?) freaking, drinking, praying and then more all over again. Never thought this would take a so long to do, but it has and really, we have been working every day. We will be done with the big stuff soon, but the datils of the studio will take more time. There is still much much to do and we are all beat. This has really been the most challenging and most stressful experience I have ever had, and I think it's been for Jimbo too. We have put much sweat equity and monetary equity into this, and I believe that the outcome will be all that much more sweeter for it. If it was too easy, I don't think we would believe in it as much and enjoy it as much when all the struggles are over.

Jim Dickinson and Mary Lindsey came by last Thursday to check out our operation. Big Jim was quite enthhused and declared he would be bringing in bands to prodcue and record out of our place! There is nothing better than to get the stamp of approval from our local Guru ("World Boogie is Coming!") and yesterday, Jimbo decided we had to find a zebra pattered carpet for the control room for Big be sure we " don't think about the zebra", as he says.

Great news too, the major of Como wants to have a ribbon cutting ceremony! So that was some fun news and additional encouragement to keep going, no matter how tired you are, nor how discouraged at times. I have really begun to fully understand the phrase "blood, sweat and tears" because I have experienced all of the above, litterally. But I am really excited about the prosperity it will bring to everyone around it, and that joy is waht both Jimbo and I look forward to. It also gives us something to really believe in and get up every day.

We got most of the website ready, thanks to Little Miss Strange, who has been hosting and building the North MS Allstars fansite as well as Jimbo's site. I also have to send love to Will Dawson, who is/will be the studio manager and has been here every step of the way. We have many people in Como and Senatobia who have really stepped in and been there for us and helped. It is a great feeling to see people brought together, and a beauty all within itself to behold.