Monday, October 02, 2006

Construction Junction

Whoowee, we are heavy in construction for the new studio in Como. But for the first time, it has suddenly become a reality for us and everyone is very excited. Aside from the obvious historical value and draw of Como, we are really liking the people in the community, who all seem very helpful and also excited that something new and different is coming in. The fun part for me is I'll get to decorate (eventually). For now it's mostly painting, runs to Home Depot or Lowes, drinkin beer...oh wait, that's nothing new there...uh, let's see...we got a cool fridge yesterday which is compact and cute! I was very excited about that (cold beer!!)... it's the delight in the little accomplishments that are creating the bigger picture...everything that gets done and installed just brings the dream so much closer to reality.

My friend Sherman Cooper was by all afternoon yesterday. He cooked us greens and cornbread, which was absolutely delightful. The weather has turned strangely warm again, as if the fall is trying to squueze out the last bit of summer weather it can before it freezes us to death (and it does get quite cold down here, you wouldn't believe it). Sherman showed me some back roads (to the beer stores) and we discussed ideas for the back patio area, which will really be cool. Shame the winter is coming, so we won't be able to really finish and use it... it will be a process anyway, but by the spring it will be a project to play with.

As for indoors, well, pearlings, blackboard, 2x10s, 2x4s, SDS drills, self drilling hex screws, roofing nails, shop vac...I don't know much about this stuff, but I am learning. Maybe I can ad carpentry to my list of skills someday...

...but things are moving along and bringing about curious vistors and oddities....ha!

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