Wednesday, July 05, 2006

North MS Hillcountry Picnic July 3rd

So, we are STILL rather slow around here, after Monday. What was that all about, you ask? Oh, just a little throwdown Kenny Brown and Miss Sarah organzied in Potts Camp, MS that involved a virtual who's who of north MS music and the little scene we got going on up here. First of all, it was HOT AS HELL LITERALLY LIKE I AM NOT KIDDING HOT swealtering heat, oh Lordy. Mix in beer, water, BBQ and gatorade and it's the makings of something serious. I shot film for the first time in 2 years cause I knew most of the folks there, and knew they would not have a problem with my camera in their face taking pictures. I forgot how much I enjoy that! And I got some great, great pics that will definately go down in history for us (now, I need to save up the moolah to print 'em up! well, 5 rolls of black and white is 'spensive).

But anyhow, here's who played (and I know I'm forgetting...)

John Barnett, Lil Joe Ayers, Rev John Wilkins,Rising Star Fife & Drum Band, Bobby Rush, Carey Hudson, Jocco Rushing & the Heatseekers, Robert Belfour, T Model Ford, Burnside Exploration, Cody DIckinson, David Kimbrough, Jimbo Mathus & Knockdown South, Olga, Luther Dickinson,Duwayne Burnside & the Mississippi Mafia Kenny Brown & Hill Country Jam

Melvin and Cody Burnside provided security, and I learned in the process they were both bounty hunters! Cedric had bought his young kids with him, which was nice to meet them at last. Jim Dees was the emcee for the day/night and Amos and Colter Harvey, Lynn Drury, Necha Dickinson, Amelda Lee, Joey Lauren Adams, John Beifuss, Tom Speed, Bill Steeber and a slew of other characters were in the mix. To tell the truth, this was one of those events where maybe we could've benefitted from "Hello my name is..." tags....NAH!

I ate a bunch of rib tips that were to die for, made by a local father-son team from Bedford, MS. We did miss a few friends who could not attend, but most importantly, the spirit of the late great RL Burnside and Junior Kimbrough were definately felt that night. Heck, Mr Belfour hung out till way after late, he was clearly having a ball. Somewhere along the line, I lost the bug spray, so my feet itch from skeet bites...(sigh)...well, the white lightnin' helped make me forget about that, though! Actually, it's probably what made me not feel the bites happening in the first place...

The great thing is, the event will most likely happen again next year. It will most definately be the same line-up with maybe a few additonal MS musicians, but they want it to be a real north MS thing. As Amos said, "Well, it's about time! What took so long??"