Sunday, July 23, 2006

Jessie Mae Hemphill Passes, July 22

Yesterday, I played at the farmers market in Memphis. When I finished, I noticed I had four missed calls form a strange number. When I tried to return the calls, I got the recording that the number was not a working number. It dawned on me that I need to call the hospital. When I did, they told me Jessie was in critical condition and that I could see her but only for the next 20 minutes. I went to the hospital and sat with her for the remainder of visiting time. She was worse than the day before and I new she would not make it through the night. I prayed with her, sang to her and told her how glad I was to have been able to know her and share many a times with much I would miss her, but that I knew she was looking forward to going being with her family again, who she had been missing terribly for so long.

Jessie Mae Hemphill passed away yesterday evening, sometime around 7pm. I am so happy that she is at peace now, but so sad cause I will miss her. She knows as do I, that she will always be with me...with our hearts.