Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sleepless Nights

Another sleepless night...I used to have a radio show by that name when I lived in Boulder, CO. It was freeform eclectic and ran from midnight to 3am. That wasn't all that tough, it was the first shift when I first began DJ-ing, from 3-6am, called Restless Mornings, that was the brutal one. You had to either just stay up until 3, or wake up at 2:30am and roll over to the station. I was fotunate enough that I only lived 2 blocks away, so I could litterally roll into the station from bed in my pajamas. I could not drink coffee though, as my stomach just could not take it that I was really half out of it when I'd do these shows.

That's actually not so bad, cause you find yourself in this zone of sorts...kinda like how I get when I play music. I used to tape redcord about every show I did, which was great to listen to after the fact and try to remember what the hell I played and how I got there. Over the years those shows added up and I probablly Dj-ed over 100 of them. You could play whatever you wanted.

I rememeber one night, it was in the middle of winter. I was doing the Sleepless Nights show (12-3am) and I had just put on a song by Stevie Wonder. Back then, the front door would automatically stay locked until the morning news crew got there, so when you did a shift change, you'd have to open the door for the next person waiting outside. Tehre were actually two doors, one for the office and one for the door leading into the office building, both locked at night. So, here I was, answering the door, and when I answered, no one was there. I had put a book in the door jam so it would not close on me, and I leaned out to see who was there in the parking lot. Mind you, it was about 11 degrees outside (no kidding) so cold as freaking hell frozen over. The next thing I know, the book had fallen away from the doorjam and the door slammed shut! Great, I thought. Locked out, in the cold, my keys, jacket, etc. were all inside and the next DJ who suddenly appeared right then, was locked out from his show as well.

"Well $%*#!," I said, "this CD should last about 45 minutes, and then, I guess that will conclude our broadcast day untitl 6am."

The fellow DJ said, "$#@*^, well, that's happened to me before too. They'll figure out what happened when 6am arrives". And at that he drove me home in the below freezing weather in my pajamas and I had fortunately, left the door to my house unlocked so I could get in.

So on those nights where I can't sleep, I think back to my radio days of late night DJ-ing and wish I could do it again...I mean, what else is there to do at 3am??