Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Los Lobos, DJ Logic, Jurassic 5 at Jazzfest show

ahhh...meant to blog a few days again, but I had to get back on track after all those late nights in N.O.

So Friday I was at the fabulous Los Lobos show at H.O.B. If anyone of you has NOT seen them, you are really really missing out on an american institution of music. Vince (David's son) and Jason (Conrad's son) is on the road with them now as techs. It was great to see them cause the last time I saw any of the kids was, sheesh...at least 7 years ago, at least. Everyone is grown up. It's crazy how fast the time went by. It has now been 12 years since I've know Lobos and, wow, still felt like old times though...

...and I got a shout out and a dedicated song..."Not Fade Away" into "Bertha", cause well, I'm married now! A lot's changed in my life since we last caight up in N.O.

During the last tune there were a bunch of folks on stage. I played moraccas and sang some harmonies with Cesar for "Cumbia Raza", in spanish no less! My friend Ashley was with me, and she said she had a blast, especially being on stage and dancing at the end. SO again, I remind everyone to go see that band.

...there is a new album out in September I'm told, and I hear Tchad Blake has been mixing it. Also hear that is has a "Kiko" vibe to it, most likely cause Tchad's at the board. I don't think Tchad's on myspace, but Mitchell Froom is and so is Lobos, so go check out their pages. In he meantime, I think I'll have to scoot of to Dallas in July and see them again for another charge. YAY!

Somthing else that was really of the hook was the J5 show late night (3am). DJ Logic spun a set before hand and it was great catching up with that crew again after so long. And FYI, Logic did a special mix for Jessie Mae Hemphill, called "Porch Logic". He did it a few years back and it's really damn good. He was involved in that recording project we did with her, "Jessie Mae Hemphill & Friends" and told me Saturday, it was one of the best experiences in his life, and how much he appreciated me turning him onto the blues. You may want to check out the song on itunes. otherwise, the album is for sale at www.219records.com and other lil CD places on the internet.

Well, that's all for now. I have to mail 475 packages with Jimbo's new CD in it.