Monday, February 06, 2006

Video shoot

I finally fiured out what makes celebs like J Lo et. al. look so good, like they have washboard's all about the lighting, baby!

We shot a video for "Now is the Time" in Clarksdale. MS this past weekend. At the helm, was Michael McCarthy, AKA Guerilla Monster, who had a whole crew of cameras and lights and reflectors and whatever-you-call-it-gadget with him. I was able to see a couple photos, that really made me look damn good! Like washboard abs! no lines! no zits! no problems! I think I can dig the whole camera thing now...

I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. We had a great time doing it, albeit cold, but great. It was mostly on location at Hopson Commissary and Shack Up Inn, though we did have a graveyard sequence and shot footage inside the old Roxy Theater, that litterally was falling down around us. But hey, it looks cool!

You can check out some of Michael's other work on his website,, and even see me in his Jim Dickinson video, that was shot about a year ago. Hope to have photos up on the site soon and of course the finished video streaming.

For now, I am practicing my close ups with much more zest, as we can fix it all with osme lighting, makeup, and post production!