Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

Ah, another beautiful day! Actually, the last three days have been warm and sunny....perfect parading days!

Sunday had a staggering 5 parades roll, including two of the biggest, Endymion and Baccus. I was on the route starting at 11am and left after 10pm...almost 12 hours of BBQ's, beer and bloodies, I'd say an incredible feat for most. I also caught 3 bags full of loot (would have had 4 had not one bag gone mysteriously missing).

Last night we had two parades roll and a huge crowd. SInce Sunday litterally kicked my ass, I had to be more of a spectator for Lundi Gras. And lord knows I tried to get my butt up this morning for Zulu..and I missed it again! In addition, I did not have a costume this year...my bad, I know...

...there were some great ones out there though, carousing up and down St. Charles and naturally,many were Katrina influenced. There was a family of three who had created rotten refridgerator hats and many wearing "chocolate city" inspried creations. I REALLy dropped the ball on costuming this year....(sigh)...

Rex was long and beautiful. A little excitement too, as one of the tree limbs knocked the top off one of the floats and stopped the parade for a few minutes. No one was hurt and Rex rolled on. I was happy to get a bunch of Rex cups this year and crown beads and enjoyed most of the parade stnading on top of a root of a giant live oak tree, which heightened my viewing pleasure. Next year I will definately get a ladder! Nothing like being up high in bigs crowds to see and have plastic stuff thrown at you. I still marvel at how many people are delighted by throwing plastic or scrambling for it on the ground...young and old alike... it awakens the inner child!

Well, I am a bit sad it's all over now, but it was a good year and obviously very needed for the spiritual well being for the local denziens. Now the only thing left is....how do I fit all this loot in my car??