Saturday, February 25, 2006


hey y'all

posting here from amidst the big weekend with some parade news to report...

first of all , Muses was a blast! i attended the ball this year too, and met many a great muses and became one myself! they had parlament play the party, and there were about 100 people on stage, mostly muses i think, still masked and boogie-ing down with george and crew.

as far as the parade goes, it was beautiful and long, 22 floats! great bands and throws to boot. i got a couple of muses barbie dolls, a muses manicure set, a muses baseball, tons of beads, frisbees, blinky beads, lost of shoe beads, etc. etc. did pretty damn good this year...

the rolling krewe of elvi also rolled in their parade, and i put some beads around the neck of one elvis and he gave me a kiss and his scarf! i told jimbo that i though he should join their krewe and go as a rolling elvi next year...he'd be perfect for that!

chaos was also quite beautiful and somehow, i always get a ton of cups from chaos.

last night for hermes and krewe d'etat, they were throwing glass beads! i actually got entire bags full of 'em! it was thrilling to have the glass beads thrown in the mix and they are quite gorgeous. made in india too! then in morpheus, they had one float full of young soap stars, one i recognized immediately from "all my children", he plays adam chandler, jr. anyhow, i ran up to the float and yelled "i love all my children" and he looked down at me, grabbed my hand and gave me some ABC soap beads. hahaha! i can't believe i met a soap star!

anyhow, today i am trying to de-puff my eyes...looks like the sun in peaking out and it's bloody mary time. kick off is at 11am, which i am already late. we got iris, tucks and superkrewe endymion today...and we're bringing my friend's dog to come and play...

that's all for now!