Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

Ah, another beautiful day! Actually, the last three days have been warm and sunny....perfect parading days!

Sunday had a staggering 5 parades roll, including two of the biggest, Endymion and Baccus. I was on the route starting at 11am and left after 10pm...almost 12 hours of BBQ's, beer and bloodies, I'd say an incredible feat for most. I also caught 3 bags full of loot (would have had 4 had not one bag gone mysteriously missing).

Last night we had two parades roll and a huge crowd. SInce Sunday litterally kicked my ass, I had to be more of a spectator for Lundi Gras. And lord knows I tried to get my butt up this morning for Zulu..and I missed it again! In addition, I did not have a costume this year...my bad, I know...

...there were some great ones out there though, carousing up and down St. Charles and naturally,many were Katrina influenced. There was a family of three who had created rotten refridgerator hats and many wearing "chocolate city" inspried creations. I REALLy dropped the ball on costuming this year....(sigh)...

Rex was long and beautiful. A little excitement too, as one of the tree limbs knocked the top off one of the floats and stopped the parade for a few minutes. No one was hurt and Rex rolled on. I was happy to get a bunch of Rex cups this year and crown beads and enjoyed most of the parade stnading on top of a root of a giant live oak tree, which heightened my viewing pleasure. Next year I will definately get a ladder! Nothing like being up high in bigs crowds to see and have plastic stuff thrown at you. I still marvel at how many people are delighted by throwing plastic or scrambling for it on the ground...young and old alike... it awakens the inner child!

Well, I am a bit sad it's all over now, but it was a good year and obviously very needed for the spiritual well being for the local denziens. Now the only thing left is....how do I fit all this loot in my car??

Saturday, February 25, 2006


hey y'all

posting here from amidst the big weekend with some parade news to report...

first of all , Muses was a blast! i attended the ball this year too, and met many a great muses and became one myself! they had parlament play the party, and there were about 100 people on stage, mostly muses i think, still masked and boogie-ing down with george and crew.

as far as the parade goes, it was beautiful and long, 22 floats! great bands and throws to boot. i got a couple of muses barbie dolls, a muses manicure set, a muses baseball, tons of beads, frisbees, blinky beads, lost of shoe beads, etc. etc. did pretty damn good this year...

the rolling krewe of elvi also rolled in their parade, and i put some beads around the neck of one elvis and he gave me a kiss and his scarf! i told jimbo that i though he should join their krewe and go as a rolling elvi next year...he'd be perfect for that!

chaos was also quite beautiful and somehow, i always get a ton of cups from chaos.

last night for hermes and krewe d'etat, they were throwing glass beads! i actually got entire bags full of 'em! it was thrilling to have the glass beads thrown in the mix and they are quite gorgeous. made in india too! then in morpheus, they had one float full of young soap stars, one i recognized immediately from "all my children", he plays adam chandler, jr. anyhow, i ran up to the float and yelled "i love all my children" and he looked down at me, grabbed my hand and gave me some ABC soap beads. hahaha! i can't believe i met a soap star!

anyhow, today i am trying to de-puff my eyes...looks like the sun in peaking out and it's bloody mary time. kick off is at 11am, which i am already late. we got iris, tucks and superkrewe endymion today...and we're bringing my friend's dog to come and play...

that's all for now!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Time Has Come...

...the walrus said, to talk of many things
of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings,
and why the sea is boiling hot and wether pigs have wings!

Off to NOLA for Mardis Gras and to play my monthy gig at Dos Jefe's. This is the time every year, where I crawl out from under my big black cloud of winter muck and get back into life, with the celebration of the coming of spring, and the king!
It's some sort of annual thing I go through, but after Fat Tuesday, life goes on, my spirit picks up and I can start cleaning out the crap in my head left there by the ice and cold...

So, I joined a Krewe this year, the Krewe of Muses, which I have been wanting to do for a while now. I won't be able to ride this year, but i will be at the afterparty, which should rock! For those of you who don't know, Muses is the only all female Krewe that parades at night. They roll tomorrow evening up Napoleon, down St. Charles, over Canal and around Poydras.

Check list:

beer cooler
beer! (must plan ahead as my usual stop has not reopened yet)
plastic bags (for the beads, naturally)
change of clothes (for the Krewe party, naturally)
positive attitude

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Hi y'all

I received some emails regarding hearing sample of my new music. I have not been able to update this site yet, but you can hear 3 complete songs on http://www.myspace.com/olga to whet your audible appetite! Please sign up as a friend whilst there...

Happy valentines Day!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Video shoot

I finally fiured out what makes celebs like J Lo et. al. look so good, like they have washboard abs....it's all about the lighting, baby!

We shot a video for "Now is the Time" in Clarksdale. MS this past weekend. At the helm, was Michael McCarthy, AKA Guerilla Monster, who had a whole crew of cameras and lights and reflectors and whatever-you-call-it-gadget with him. I was able to see a couple photos, that really made me look damn good! Like washboard abs! no lines! no zits! no problems! I think I can dig the whole camera thing now...

I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. We had a great time doing it, albeit cold, but great. It was mostly on location at Hopson Commissary and Shack Up Inn, though we did have a graveyard sequence and shot footage inside the old Roxy Theater, that litterally was falling down around us. But hey, it looks cool!

You can check out some of Michael's other work on his website, www.guerillamonster.com, and even see me in his Jim Dickinson video, that was shot about a year ago. Hope to have photos up on the site soon and of course the finished video streaming.

For now, I am practicing my close ups with much more zest, as we can fix it all with osme lighting, makeup, and post production!