Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Hi y'all

Well, I sure hope everyone pulled out of the holidays a-o-k and back on track. I know for myself it took a while to shake out of the food-wine-party stupor and wrap my brain around a new year (I also had to practice writing 2-0-0-6).

And with 2006, I finally have my new CD, "Now is the Time" hot off the press and available for pre-release sale and downloads off my website,www. laolga.com (The actual release date is April, 18, 2006, where the new album will be in retail stores both online, like itunes and amazon, and offline, like Tower, Virgin and Borders).

However, just because the holidays are over, does not mean there are no gifts! Many of you know, that I am a big fan of the whole gift-with-purchase thing, and now, for a limited time, every order of "Now is the Time" will come with a free OLGA lipbalm.

But that's not all! Any order of both "Now is the Time" and "Kiss Your Blues Away" will receive an additional surprise gift! Yessir, indeed!

All songs and albums can also be downloaded off laolga.com for those of you needing music asap.

In the meantime, many thanks in advance and keep those lips happy!