Monday, December 12, 2005

What New Orleans is Like

Hello y'all

I'm writing from NOLA right now, sitting in CC's coffee...well, it's pretty sad around here. Lot's of missing trees and roofs replaced by bare sky and blue tarps! Uptown fared better, but there is still plenty of fixing to do, lot's of insurance claims to make, humvees, rotten fridges, garbage, debris and cocktails (of course!-the first building block of N.O.). Some things are "normal". Some restaurants are open, and little stores...the French Quarter is looking all right, though trying to find a mint julep now is virtually impossible (Jimbo and I used to entertain ourselves on a Sunday afternoon doing the "mint julep" bar tour in the F.Q).

There are about 100,000 people living here now, down from 1/2 million, which gives the whole city sort of a ghost town effect. I don't think there will be many more peole coming back for years to come. The rest of the city is not fixable. I guess we are lucky enough to have something here to fix, as are most of our neighbors, but it will never look the same.

I met some people at my show last night that have been here working and doing clean-up. It was moving how people thanked each other for being here and for helping. Overall it seems like a real community, considering the lack of it in many parts. What can you do? I guess clean and cry and find a mint julep!

I do a some good news though, Port a Call has reopened down on Esplanade. I am heading o'er there tonight to eat a big fat steak and wine with friends...