Tuesday, December 06, 2005

a good day to record

...on a 8 track that is!

Alas, I awoke with a song on my mind, which has not happened much lately, so I was happy to oblige the muse. Seems like lately, whenever inspiration came, it was at an imopportune moment to do anything about it, and I thought, "well, one of these times it will come and the time will be right and it will fall out of me by way the universe."

I think every songwriter out there loves those "fall out of the universe" moments in songwriting. It all happens at once and suddenly your done and you have a cool song you dig! Not too much editing, not too much fuss if at all...it's just suddenly...there.

I guess you can't have those moments all the time, else they would not be so special. But what a special feeling it is when it happens! Hope I'll keep it up and finish another albums worth of stuff. Amen.