Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another Year Done Gone

Done gone and old!

I am sitting on my bed today, watching my soaps, which has been real nice as there has not been much time to relax prior to Christmas. I am stilltrying to wrap my brain around a few things, like how the year can already be over...

Well, I am looking forward to a new beginning as I think there are some cool things ahead and in store not just for me, but many of my friends. So I am happy for everybody and happy to have a nice crew to work with and be friends with.

Guess I'll try the ole "new years resolutions" things again (what the hell). Okay, I want to quit smoking, drinking, being ignant, enough with the debauchery and mayhem...oh, that does not sound very fun! Well, maybe I'll work on doing it less....less is more, right? Hmm...what else? I guess being more relaxed and sympathetic and forgiving, even to those who I may not belive deserve forgiveness. Really, I need to minimize the grey hairs standing on my head!

That's all I can think of. I am so blessed with many a good things. I want to try and keep it that way and not get in the way of myself (that seems like an issue most people have, myself included).

Happy New Year and see you in 2006!