Saturday, November 05, 2005

Italy, Austria, Halloween

Hi Y'all

Hope you had a happy halloween! We missed it this year, as we were overseas (namely Italy and Austria) and halloween isn't so big there. We actually spent it with my dad eating wurstl (hot dogs) and bar hopping...not too much going on, but I did bring and wear a mask!

Jimbo and I played two gigs in Italy, one in Pavia and one in Milan. Both were quite successful and we made good money that we could blow in Como (that's Como, Italy not Mississippi). Como is absolutely beautiful. It is on a lake, Lago d'Como, and surrounded by alpine foothills. The air is fresh and the old town has great shopping. Coming from Milan, it was like going to heaven. Milan has some realy cool aspects to it, but one thing that bothered me, was that there was grafitti on everything, I mean EVERYTHING. It was everywhere you looked and it wasn't the artistic kind on the most part. I find the lack of respect for other ppl's property and old historic buildings quite disheartening.

But, there was plenty of wine (my GOD there was) and plenty to eat. I can't say I didn't enjoy that aspect of the trip! We had wine and beer everyday! I guess those of you who know my history in NOLA would say, "we'll gee, isn't she used to that?" Well, yes in a way I am, but this upped the ante for sure!

We did check out a couple of really old medival castles built in the 1300's. Quite impressive, drawbridge, moat and everything! Can't say I have ever seen that before. We have a lot of castles in Austria, but not of that design. Some are built around that time, like the one that my family reunion was held in (actually owned by the Von Trapps) was built in the 1400's, but an entirely different style and design. The "moats" in Austria, are actually the mountains. They built the castles on top of hills, so that you can't get to it very easily.

Austria was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky the whole time we were there. We went hiking and then took the tram all the way to the top of Hafeleka, which Jimbo referred to as the "mountain of death" becasue it is incredibly steep and the sign says, "do not attempt to ski down this unless you really know what the hell you're doing". I have to admit, I have never skiied down it a