Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hazard County

This week has been a physically hazardous week for me. It started on monday, when as I was washing dishes, I cut my thumb on a steak knife, pretty damn good (bad). So blood was squishing everywhere and it's right on the side if my right thumb, down to the nail, so playing guitar has been not an option this week. In fact I never realized how important a right thumb is. I mean, pinkys, ring fingers, et. al aren't nearly as important!

Then Tuesday night rolls around, and I am at a friend's house. The driveway is on an incline, and I had my car parked on it. Lo and behold, as I am walking to the car, my shoes (platform flip-flops which have caused problems before, and why I still wore them, I do not know) cause me to misstep and I fall forward with gravity hitting my head/brow on the bumper, right on the angle of my front license plate which says "Give Your Heart to Jeasus". I saw as flash and then fell backward gushing blood. Yup, that was a good (bad) fall. Right up there with the time I slipped and hit my head on the toilet last winter.

Anyhow, my friend runs to get me a towel, and porceeds to examine and clean the wound. The cut is right on my eyebrow, so I am lucky for that. It was bad, but not bad enough for a visit to the emergency room. As a result, I suffered also a really big black eye. So as today unfolds and I actualy dared to leave the confines of my room to run errands, get food, etc., I am sporting the sunglass look and star wars bandaids, and am proceeding with utmost caution.

Oh, and I threw out the shoes.