Saturday, November 12, 2005

Digital Downloads/ the EYE

Hey All

Still recovering from the wack on my head. Went to get my hair cut yesterday and it was rather painful...painful to wash and all the pulling from the brush and blow dryer wore my ass out. I left with a big headache and the desire to snuggle with my cat (who is supervising my bed rest) and take a nap. Things are looknig up today, I don't look AS scary, but you know, people are still in awe of the EYE.

Tomorrow, I'll be in Taylor, which will be the first time I've played in a while...I hope I don't SUCK.

A little side note to y'all that I just thought about, in order to get to the digital download page for my music, the only link at this time is from the "merch" page. I will be rectifying this soon, as obviously, it should also be from the "music" page...obviously.

So, on another thought (I am having thoughts for the first time in days), I wonder if I would have some extra power with working on spells, given that I have a pretty darn awful looking EYE. I mean, who would really like to get the EYE from me at this point. Children and animals recoil in horror (except for my cat, who does not leave the bed under any circumstances, EYE, dog, or not).