Saturday, October 15, 2005

When the Levee Breaks Post-Show

Hey All

Thank you so very very much to everybody who came out to see the show last night! We raised almost 2 grand and 4 boxes of canned food, which I will bring by to the Red Cross on Monday. I especially want top thank all the musicians, Jeff, Jimmy, Big Jim, Paul, Jimbo, Bill, Jack, Johny Vomit, Bo Keys, Amy, Luther and Cody. The film crew, with Scott and Michael McCarthy at the helm (front and back stage) did a fabulous job puttin' it all down on video, Joel and Lea on sound. The Hi Tone was great for hosting our event and everybody had a good time at our little party for a greater good. I am very happy about it all and I look forward to our next event on Oxford, December 9th: When the Levee Breaks PART II (venue TBA). We got it all on ADAT and I look forward to mixing this baby and putting a record out once all is sung and done. We may actually put out a companion DVD as well, as there is and will be undoubtedly great footage and plenty of hours.

The ultimate goal being to raise some money for other non-profit organizations in NOLA area to help in the rebuilding of the area, which will be ongoing. Some really good news is that MARDI GRAS IS ON FOR 2006! I had heard already Thursday night, but I ran into a member of the Thoth Krewe last night, and he said Thoth was definately riding in '06 (for those that don't know, Thoth is the longest parade uptown has to offer, often topping out at 37 floats!). Anyhow, back to the point of this blog, NOLA will be back on track and our project will be one of the efforts to help it get there.

Jimbo and I are off to go on our honeymoon, but I'll be back in full gear for our part 2 show once I get back in November.

We'll have updates on and soon with more news of this project.

God Bless!