Thursday, October 06, 2005

Now is the Time

WOW! how hi tech! or maybe not...but it took me long enough to figure it out with some big help from Michelle.

This is the new blog section, so maybe now I'll get back into writing and less into whatever-it-is I always get distrcted,dog,house, husband,dishes,lawn...etc..

I finished my new album titled "Now is the Time". I am really looking forward to it's release in March 2006 (my publicist wanted to do it then) but it will be available on my website before then, very soon. It's a big step forward for me, having been more of a producer this time with more fleshed out songs. Don't worry, there is still some "blue" songs, but most are perhaps a bit more....Americana? Actually, everything is the blues to me, but I know there is no escape to being labeled, so Americana, I believe will be one of them. It doesn't really matter, as long as it's not the label "sucks" .

We are doing all right. The hurricane(s) really messed up a lot of people near and dear to me and my family. My mother is blessed as her house in N.O. seemed to make it through and be intact (miracle!!), but plenty others have lost so much...

So, here in Memphis we are putting together a benefit concert/recording on October 14th at the Hi Tone. The concert proceeds will go to the Red Cross here in Memphis and the CD proceeds, which will be released sometime in 2006, will be split up between 4 local charities in N.O., the biggest one being the Louisiana Wildlife Federation. We need those swamps to keep the cities safe!

Anyhow, there is a press release about the event here on the website, so check it out and come on down!

Stay tuned...I'll be back!