Sunday, October 09, 2005

Fall-O's here. No mistaking it. I actually wore a jacket last night and was shivering! And all this cold right here in Mississippi...

Jimbo said to me, "Aren't Austrians supposed to do well with cold weather?" I replied, "well THIS Austrian ain't used to it no 'mo! She's been aclimated to New Olreans weather and is used to being pretty hot and sweaty all the time, even in the winter!"

And that's true indeed! I live in Colorado for a good while, and the weather really had sever changes out there. There you experienced all the seasons and you had the wardrobe to match them, which meant you had stuffed closets full of clothes, all of which had to be held onto cause you never new what the weather was going to throw at you (and I say throw, because changes usually came unexextedly). For example, it could and would snow suddenly in June. And just like that again, the winter would annouce it's arrival by following a hot 90 degree day with....a snow storm. So, out you'd bust with the appropriate gear to match the weather.

Another example would be how there would be these sudden flash floods out of nowhere...really, out of nowhere. It would be nice, sunny and cloudless in the sky and then WHAM! It's dumping (actually, this part is starting to sound like New Orleans). But CO rain can be quite cold. I could always tell when it would snow though, cause you would smell the cow manure from out west.

Anyhow, the point being, that when I moved to N.O., I had no extra room nor need (so I thought) for winter or fall gear. I mean, how can you even possible think about a wool sweater in 90 degree heat? ? Now, I wish I had not unloaded most of it, cause it's damn cold up here in the mid-south, Austrian or no Austrian would agree. And I find that I am short on winter sweaters and long sleeve shirts... and shoes for God's sake!!

There is really no point to this ramble, except that I am sad the summer is over cause it was too fast as just about everything else does these days...and I guess it makes me think about how quick the time goes by and you grow older before you know it...