Friday, October 14, 2005

Bithday Note, Oct 18th, 4 days to go!

Oy, it is here again! Well, don't be sad be glad to live another year, right? Yeah, but after you reach a certain age it can be harder to do, facing your own mortality....

My father is the perpetual 27 year old...except he will be 65 on Oct.24th. His body is finally giving him up as much as he refuses to allow it to happen. I haven't quite hit that point yet (thank GOD!!), but I think I finally understand what it is like to grow older. In your 20's, you think you will be that way forever, can't even think beyond that time really... the world is new, challenging, overwhelming at times, fun, you get older, you find your own groove and define your own person. I do appreciate that aspect at least. I was always mature for my age and now I'm just...mature. HA! well, I ain't that old, but you know what I mean...

Jessie Mae Hemphill's birthday is on the same day as mine (10/18), which reminds me I need to mail her present today! It's sneaking upi on me. Jimbo and I will be on a plane to Europe on the 18th, to visit family in Austria, do some gigs in Italy and finally have a honeymoon, heck, even a vacation! We have never taken an extended vacation together, so we are really looking forward to this. He's also going to get to met and endure the full frontal MUNDING experience (check out We are an old family and of course nuts in our own way...but who's family isn't??

If you would like to send a birthday card to Jessie Mae, send it to:

POBox 975
Senatobia MS 38668