Saturday, October 15, 2005

When the Levee Breaks Post-Show

Hey All

Thank you so very very much to everybody who came out to see the show last night! We raised almost 2 grand and 4 boxes of canned food, which I will bring by to the Red Cross on Monday. I especially want top thank all the musicians, Jeff, Jimmy, Big Jim, Paul, Jimbo, Bill, Jack, Johny Vomit, Bo Keys, Amy, Luther and Cody. The film crew, with Scott and Michael McCarthy at the helm (front and back stage) did a fabulous job puttin' it all down on video, Joel and Lea on sound. The Hi Tone was great for hosting our event and everybody had a good time at our little party for a greater good. I am very happy about it all and I look forward to our next event on Oxford, December 9th: When the Levee Breaks PART II (venue TBA). We got it all on ADAT and I look forward to mixing this baby and putting a record out once all is sung and done. We may actually put out a companion DVD as well, as there is and will be undoubtedly great footage and plenty of hours.

The ultimate goal being to raise some money for other non-profit organizations in NOLA area to help in the rebuilding of the area, which will be ongoing. Some really good news is that MARDI GRAS IS ON FOR 2006! I had heard already Thursday night, but I ran into a member of the Thoth Krewe last night, and he said Thoth was definately riding in '06 (for those that don't know, Thoth is the longest parade uptown has to offer, often topping out at 37 floats!). Anyhow, back to the point of this blog, NOLA will be back on track and our project will be one of the efforts to help it get there.

Jimbo and I are off to go on our honeymoon, but I'll be back in full gear for our part 2 show once I get back in November.

We'll have updates on and soon with more news of this project.

God Bless!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Bithday Note, Oct 18th, 4 days to go!

Oy, it is here again! Well, don't be sad be glad to live another year, right? Yeah, but after you reach a certain age it can be harder to do, facing your own mortality....

My father is the perpetual 27 year old...except he will be 65 on Oct.24th. His body is finally giving him up as much as he refuses to allow it to happen. I haven't quite hit that point yet (thank GOD!!), but I think I finally understand what it is like to grow older. In your 20's, you think you will be that way forever, can't even think beyond that time really... the world is new, challenging, overwhelming at times, fun, you get older, you find your own groove and define your own person. I do appreciate that aspect at least. I was always mature for my age and now I'm just...mature. HA! well, I ain't that old, but you know what I mean...

Jessie Mae Hemphill's birthday is on the same day as mine (10/18), which reminds me I need to mail her present today! It's sneaking upi on me. Jimbo and I will be on a plane to Europe on the 18th, to visit family in Austria, do some gigs in Italy and finally have a honeymoon, heck, even a vacation! We have never taken an extended vacation together, so we are really looking forward to this. He's also going to get to met and endure the full frontal MUNDING experience (check out We are an old family and of course nuts in our own way...but who's family isn't??

If you would like to send a birthday card to Jessie Mae, send it to:

POBox 975
Senatobia MS 38668

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

When the Levee Breaks

Hey Everybody!

Here is the schedule for Friday, 10/14 show. We are really looking forward to this! Come on down to the Hi Tone in Memphis and come early. Tickets are $12 or $10 with canned food donation.

"When the Levee Breaks"

October 14th, Hi-Tone, Memphis TN

Doors 7pm

7:30 -8 Larry Frye & the Livewire Band

8-8:15pm Jeff Evans and changeover

8:15-8:50 Olga, Jimbo & Bill Ellis

8:55-9:10 changeover with Jimmy Crosthwait

9:10-9:30 Paul Taylor & Co.

9:30-9:45pm changeover with Jimmy Crosthwait

9:45-10:45pm Jim Dickinson & Luther, Cody and Paul

10:45-10:55 changeover with Jimmy Crosthwait

10:55-11:35 Amy & the Tramps

11:35-11:45 changeover with Jeff Evans

11:45-12:35am Bo Keys

12:35-12:45am changeover with Jeff Evans

12:45-1:40am Jimbo Mathus Knockdown South

1:40-1:50 changeover with Jeff Evans

1:50-2:25 The Tearjerkers

2:25-2:30 Jeff Evans

2:30-3am Johnny Vomit & the Dryheaves

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Fall-O's here. No mistaking it. I actually wore a jacket last night and was shivering! And all this cold right here in Mississippi...

Jimbo said to me, "Aren't Austrians supposed to do well with cold weather?" I replied, "well THIS Austrian ain't used to it no 'mo! She's been aclimated to New Olreans weather and is used to being pretty hot and sweaty all the time, even in the winter!"

And that's true indeed! I live in Colorado for a good while, and the weather really had sever changes out there. There you experienced all the seasons and you had the wardrobe to match them, which meant you had stuffed closets full of clothes, all of which had to be held onto cause you never new what the weather was going to throw at you (and I say throw, because changes usually came unexextedly). For example, it could and would snow suddenly in June. And just like that again, the winter would annouce it's arrival by following a hot 90 degree day with....a snow storm. So, out you'd bust with the appropriate gear to match the weather.

Another example would be how there would be these sudden flash floods out of nowhere...really, out of nowhere. It would be nice, sunny and cloudless in the sky and then WHAM! It's dumping (actually, this part is starting to sound like New Orleans). But CO rain can be quite cold. I could always tell when it would snow though, cause you would smell the cow manure from out west.

Anyhow, the point being, that when I moved to N.O., I had no extra room nor need (so I thought) for winter or fall gear. I mean, how can you even possible think about a wool sweater in 90 degree heat? ? Now, I wish I had not unloaded most of it, cause it's damn cold up here in the mid-south, Austrian or no Austrian would agree. And I find that I am short on winter sweaters and long sleeve shirts... and shoes for God's sake!!

There is really no point to this ramble, except that I am sad the summer is over cause it was too fast as just about everything else does these days...and I guess it makes me think about how quick the time goes by and you grow older before you know it...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Now is the Time

WOW! how hi tech! or maybe not...but it took me long enough to figure it out with some big help from Michelle.

This is the new blog section, so maybe now I'll get back into writing and less into whatever-it-is I always get distrcted,dog,house, husband,dishes,lawn...etc..

I finished my new album titled "Now is the Time". I am really looking forward to it's release in March 2006 (my publicist wanted to do it then) but it will be available on my website before then, very soon. It's a big step forward for me, having been more of a producer this time with more fleshed out songs. Don't worry, there is still some "blue" songs, but most are perhaps a bit more....Americana? Actually, everything is the blues to me, but I know there is no escape to being labeled, so Americana, I believe will be one of them. It doesn't really matter, as long as it's not the label "sucks" .

We are doing all right. The hurricane(s) really messed up a lot of people near and dear to me and my family. My mother is blessed as her house in N.O. seemed to make it through and be intact (miracle!!), but plenty others have lost so much...

So, here in Memphis we are putting together a benefit concert/recording on October 14th at the Hi Tone. The concert proceeds will go to the Red Cross here in Memphis and the CD proceeds, which will be released sometime in 2006, will be split up between 4 local charities in N.O., the biggest one being the Louisiana Wildlife Federation. We need those swamps to keep the cities safe!

Anyhow, there is a press release about the event here on the website, so check it out and come on down!

Stay tuned...I'll be back!